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About the Global Chefs Challenge Series

The Global Chefs Challenge Series is where the world’s best chefs meet to compete in three categories: the Global Chefs Challenge, the Global Pastry Chefs Challenge, and the Global Young Chefs Challenge.

Competitors must first go through national selection before moving on to regional semi-finals in seven regions around the globe. Regional winners then advance to the world stage to compete for top honours at one of two international events.

Global Chefs and Global Pastry Chefs face off at the Worldchefs Congress and Expo, a don’t miss bi-annual global event attended by chefs from more than 100 countries.

Global Young Chefs compete in a Young Chefs Challenge Final, held for the first-time as a stand-alone event in January, 2017 at Sirha, the international trade show that is also home to Bocuse d’Or and the World Pastry Cup.

The next set of finals are taking place at Worldchefs Congress and Expo – Asia on a Plate – in Kuala Lumpur, from July 11-14 , 2018.

Global Chefs Challenge

In the Global Chefs Challenge Finals, the best chefs in the world compete to show their skills, and to prove how adaptable they are in the day-to- day challenges of running a kitchen. Their culinary creations must follow guidelines such as being appetizing and tasteful, while also showing off exemplary plating for ease of service.

Global Pastry Chefs Challenge

Expect top performances from the cream of the crop at the Global Pastry Chefs Challenge Finals. Competitors work to prove they can meet the standards of the world’s most modern patisseries, while showing an appeal to the five senses, along with knowledge, extraordinary technique and of course versatility.

Global Young Chefs Challenge

The first-ever stand along Global Young Chefs Challenge Final, open to chefs aged 25 and younger, was held in January 2017 at Sirha, the international trade show that is also home to Bocuse d’Or and the World Pastry Cup. Competitors had to prepare and present a 3 course menu of 6 servings in the required timeframe – 3 hours.

About Worldchefs

World Association of Chefs Societies (“Worldchefs”) is a global network of chefs associations founded in October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris, where the venerable Auguste Escoffier was named as first Honorary President. Today, this global body has over 100 official member chefs associations that represent more than 8 millions of professionals worldwide.

WORLDCHEFS is a non-political professional organization, dedicated to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of global cuisines. We accomplish these goals through education, training and professional development of our international membership. As an authority and opinion leader on food, Worldchefs represents a global voice on all issues related to the culinary profession.