The Global Chefs Challenge Series Finals

Who competes?

The Global Chefs Challenge (GCC) Series Finals see 20 teams from around the world competing in a global challenge in the categories of Global Chefs, Global Pastry Chefs, and Global Young Chefs.

The Global Chefs and Global Pastry Chefs finals are held at the Worldchefs Congress & Expo, a bi-annual must-attend international chefs event. The Global Young Chefs Challenge Final was held in January 2017 at Sirha, home to Bocuse D’Or - stay tuned for details about the finals!

Each Global Chefs and Global Pastry Chefs team is made up of two chefs, a qualified chef and a commis chef (commis chef must be 25 years or younger from January 1 st of the year of Congress final).

The Young Chefs compete individually, and must be aged 25 and younger from January 1st of the year of the final.

Who qualifies?

The 20 teams who qualify for the Global Chefs Challenge Series Finals are determined as follows:

  • 12 from Restaurant of the Nations event from IKA or World Cup
  • 1 from the GCC host country
  • 7 from continental regions

Restaurant of the Nations Qualifiers

Twelve GCC final spaces are reserved for the top-performing nations from the Restaurant of the Nations section from one of our partner competitions – IKA or the World Cup, in alternating years. The 2018 Global Chefs Challenge Series Final in Malaysia is inviting Restaurant of the Nations winners from IKA.

The participants in the Global Chefs Challenge Series Final do not necessarily have to be the same as those who competed at the Restaurant of the Nations competition, but they must be from the winning nation.

If a nation declines the invitation to compete, the opportunity will be passed on to the team who finished in the next position at the partner competition.

For a complete list of Restaurant of the Nations qualifiers – click here.

Host-country Qualifier

One position will automatically go to the host country, provided they have not already qualified through IKA, as each country will only be represented once in the GCC finals.

Regional Qualifiers

Seven spots will be allocated to the winners of global regional competitions, with one winner from each of seven regions around the globe invited to GCC. Before reaching the regional competitions, competitors must first go through national selections.

A country that has already been selected through Restaurant of Nations cannot be selected as a regional winner (as each country can only be represented once).

For a list of all the regional selection events, their rules, and to find out how to compete – please click here. The stipulations for competing are that you must be a member of your own countries chefs’ body and in good standing.